Hey, I'm Paige Niedringhaus.

I'm a full stack staff software engineer, technical writer, and speaker, originally from St. Louis, MO 🇺🇸.

Web development wasn't my first job...

Software development hasn't always been my focus. After graduating high school, I attended Emory University and graduated from the Goizueta Business School with a Bachelor's of Business Administration and concentrations in Marketing, Management and International Business 🎓. I then worked as a digital marketer and content strategist for several advertising agencies before I made the decision to pursue a total career change to web development in 2016.

But it turns out, I really enjoy it.

DigitalCrafts is the immersive coding bootcamp I attended, and I've been writing software ever since 💻. If you want to hear more about how I got started in web development, I shared my origin story on the podcast My JavaScript Story 📻, and wrote about my early experiences as a new developer in a few blog posts.

And now, I want to help others find the joy in coding too.

Today, I work with a team of talented folks as a staff software engineer at the IoT startup Blues . I'm always learning new things, but my focus and interest right now is on frontend web development technologies like React, Next.js, and Svelte, and building Internet of Things projects powered by Blues hardware.

Previously, I was a senior software engineer at The Home Depot.

Bringing cool user interfaces to life with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and solving new problems daily is what I enjoy most about my job.

But I also love seeing other developers improve, build fun things they dreamed up, and succeed in their careers, which is why I mentor devs, write about what I've learned online, and speak at conferences and meetups.

I've written regularly on Medium and other publications about web development and technology for years, but I wanted to build my own site to share my knowledge with a broader audience (and hopefully learn new things from them as well!). I hope you find my posts useful as you build your own awesome stuff.

If you want to know more about me personally...

I met my husband, Sean, while I was working in Atlanta, GA, and we've been happily married since 2016 (that was a really good year for me, in case you haven't noticed).

And when I'm not programming, I like to spend my spare time working on my art 🎨, scuba diving, traveling ✈️, and hanging out with family and friends. I've recently gotten into mastering handbalancing, so if you have tips, let me know!

sean and paige photo
Sean and me, looking extra spiffy for our friend's wedding.